Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I already wrote about my experience with on my blog, so I guess I'll write about my experience with Google Docs. I never knew Google offered this service. This is great if you're using a computer that doesn't have a word processing program, or just use this to save your documents so you can retrieve them from any computer.

This program seems as easy to use as MS Word, so the learning curve is pretty small (I like that!). I also like the idea of being able to share documents through this service and publish right to the web or to a blog.

I will definitely use this service again! bookmarks part 2

I forgot to add my url for my account: bookmarks

I had heard about sites like, but never really gave them much thought. This is a great idea, however, because you can keep all of your favorite URLs in one place, no matter what computer you are using. I usually look at the same sites over and over and just use the browser address window to scroll down and link to the site, but if I'm using someone else's computer, all I have to do now is log in to my account and voila, there are my favorites!

I like the idea also that you can see how many other people have tagged a site. I tagged Youtube and so did 39,000 others! This was by far the most popular site on my little list. I wonder what the most tagged site is?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I finally got my wiki done! I decided to do one that would be practical, so I did it on the ILL copying procedures we do here on the 2nd shift. I like the idea that it can be changed/edited at any time, so keeping it maintained should be easy. It can be seen at :

I had done a wiki for a class I took last fall, also using At first I was intimidated by the whole idea, but it was really easy! That wiki is, and it is all about teaching information literacy classes to, and working with, non-native english speakers, specifically international students.

I think in the future I might set one of these up for fun and share recipes with my family members, since we all live so far apart from one another.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bloglines and RSS

I found the Bloglines sign up procedure pretty easy. I was a little confused, however, thinking that I needed to have the RSS feeds sent to my blog, or to some other location. I finally realized that all I need to do is sign in to Bloglines and get all of my stuff right there. Pretty handy!

I signed up for 6 RSS feeds, including the connectedlibrary blog. So far, my favorites are and Yahoo! because I enjoy keeping up with the latest news. I'm sure once I get more comfortable with the whole thing I will subscribe to many more.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Blog and IM experience

This is the second blog I've created, so it wasn't too difficult. I think the hardest thing is trying to create a name and choosing the look of the blog. I wish I was more creative, but I'm always afraid that if I don't name it something simple, related to the project I'm working on, I will forget it.

I'm not terribly comfortable about posting too much personal information on the web. I like to keep my privacy, and I am somewhat distrustful of having personal information "out there" for anyone to see.

Setting up the instant messaging was more of a hassle since the screen name I wanted was already taken, and even my second choice was taken, so I settled on shopper618. I had fun making a wee me, though. I'm looking forward to chatting with my colleagues. I work second shift, so if you are on during that time, hopefully we'll meet via IM!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Hello, and welcome to my blog!

This blog has been created to fulfill the requirements of the UK Blue 2.0 workshop hosted by the University of Kentucky Libraries. I will be posting my thoughts on the process of learning all about web 2.0 capabilities and utilites. I am looking forward to the experience!